Cali Hobgood is an award-winning, widely collected artist and is represented in public and private collections, galleries and museums around the country. Cali studied photography at the University of Illinois and lives in Urbana, Illinois. She's been the proprietor of her art photography business since 1986.

Cali's images are hand-colored black and white photographs, which she prints in a silver-process darkroom and then paints with oils. Her techniques in shooting film and hand-coloring the photograph, combined with her high-contrast printing style, produce gorgeous tones and textures in ideal union with her compelling subject matter. Between the variability of printing the negative individually and then hand-coloring the photograph, each piece in an edition is unique. The signed and numbered images are produced in editions from five to two-hundred fifty. Both framed and unframed pieces are available for sale.

"Right now I think my pieces have the essence of a stage set - I can control the subject with my camera and make it more of what it is. Isolating these everyday items gives them an iconic nature that moves the images from the everyday to a moment from our lives."

Recognized as exceptional in the world of American photography, Cali's pieces will have a lifetime of generations.

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